Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Explanation

In case you were wondering, the name of this blog comes from three epithets of the Greek god Hermes., who is, in my opinion lately, the best Greek god. Hermes Logios means Hermes the orator or the persuader, as he is depicted in Plato's Republic. Also, early Christian philosophers saw Hermes Logios as the light of divine intellect that emanated from God down to Man.

Hermes Dolios is Hermes the trickster and schemer. I like this because it reminds me of the gods from other pantheons, like Loki, Coyote, and Maui. Also, this is related to Hermes Logios because the ability to speak, persuade, and educate entails the ability to lie, deceive, and misdirect.

Hermes Eriounios is Hermes the bringer of luck. He is the god of travelers, merchants, and vagrants, and these people are in dire need of good luck as they travel down the road from place to place.

So I see "Logios Dolios Eriounios" as translating to something like "Language (truth), Language (lies) and good luck, Jack."

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