Friday, August 15, 2008

Camp Chicago, Part Two

Like I said, I love having old friends come and visit us. And now, after the third or fourth or fifth time, I feel like we are finally getting the hang of this whole "playing hosts" thing. Even after having lived here for almost a year now, I still feel largely at sea when it comes to taking visitors to the really hip and happening hot spots around town. Instead, we take them to the standard tourist stops, such as:O

U.S. Cellular Field - Apparently named after the famous Ulysses Stanton Cellular, we visited the White Sox home field not once but twice this week. Unfortunately, they lost to the Red Sox on the first go-around, but manged to bounce back and beat Kansas City on Wednesday. My surprise? Well, merely that the Wednesday night game - against Kansas City, mind you, - was sold out. Yes, that's right - we had to buy tickets from a scalper even to get in. (They was good seats, though.) The good news, though? That people are starting to whisper about a Windy City World Series - about as cautiously as talking about a no-hitter - but, still, the phantom of such a series haunts MLB.

Walking With Dinosaurs - What little kid doesn't automatically love dinosaurs? And, therefore, what 24-year old man doesn't love dinosaurs also? Of course, the only problem was that we seemed to be the only folks there without anyone among us under the age of 12... but still, I hold that dinosaurs are awesome, regardless of age.


jim v said...

Dinosaurs Rock! Even when your 43. Walking with Dinos was an awesome show. Loved sitting way up in the stands and having to look up to see the big guys. Enjoyed the simple set changes. Although I wonder if the guy that drives the rock around the floor has a book to read, cause he really didn't do much. But hey I bet the money is good.

Joel said...

No way, you saw walking with dinosaurs, too? That's awesome - although I also questioned the suspicious existence of that "fern" between T-Rex's legs... but the five year old next to me definitely did not, so I guess all is well.