Friday, December 5, 2008

Putting On My Business Hat (Leaving My Business Pants Behind)

This week, I started my part-time, un-paid internship with Open Court Books, working two days a week as a "Marketing and Editorial Assistant." So I suppose that I'm no longer officially unemployed, but I wouldn't exactly call myself employed, either. It's more like I'm somewhere in between those two - schmemployment, perhaps. I am schmainfully schmemployed.

Not that I can really blame Open Court for not offering me a wage, either. As I've mentioned before, they actually interviewed me in October for a full-time paid assistant position that I initially applied for in August. Somewhere between then and now, however, the bottom completely fell out, and they sent me a sad little e-mail saying that they really, really would've liked to have to take me on, but, y'know, they're broke.

So I figured, what the hell. Right now, I'm not getting paid to loaf around my apartment in my underwear and play online solitaire. I might as well not get paid to do some filing and proofreading. So I wrote them back, and, after a minimum of haranguing, we agreed to start me off part-time, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then, depending upon my job options and their financial situation, to go from there.

Tuesday was my first day. And I think that I can honestly say that, if I was getting paid, this would be an awesome job. Sure, the morning was spent sifting through a huge stack of papers in need of filing, but that wasn't so bad. And, in the afternoon, I got to start the proofreading of a book about religion and philosophy in pop culture. My bosses gave me a red pen and everything, and, by the time that I got to the chapter on Kant and Woody Allen, I had to resist the deep temptation to scribble all over the pages in bright red ink: "Grammatically correct, but conceptually WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!"

I'm pretty sure that would get me fired, even from an internship.

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Jimv said...

It's almost January. Time to put your blogging cap back on.