Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Unexceptional Update on an Exceptionally Cold Day

So, yes, today's high in Chicago was -4 degrees Fahrenheit. But now is the time, ladies and gentlemen, to separate the boys from the men, the wolves from the sheep, the fleece from the cotton, the homeless and cold from the dead and frozen. There is something so... Russian... about putting on our snow boots and our absolutely ridiculous snow-hats and venturing out to brave the sub zero temperatures. (down, forward+A) Broadest shoulders, indeed.

Yeah, it was friggin' freezing today, Mr. Bigglesworth. But, on the plus side, I am finished with my grad school applications. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what my odds of getting into any schools are. But, they're in. Done. Finito. Now all that there is left to do is lobby to various professors on my behalf. Which is always my least favorite part of the process. Also, I had a job interview on Monday at a marketing research firm in the North Loop. I'm not sure if I am exactly the type of employee that they were looking for, but I don't think I hurt my chances in the interview. Keep your fingers crossed. Sacrifice a cock to Esclepius.

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Kirby said...

Loved the Mortal Kombat reference.