Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Is This "Warmth" of Which You Speak?

Yesterday, the weather in Chicago was sunny and in the 60's. So on my lunch break, I just had to step outside and wander about Millennium Park, and soak up some of the sunshine. On my way there, I passed the corner of Michigan and Randolph - which quite possibly could be the single busiest corner in the entire city - and saw this homeless guy, just sitting on some steps, pounding a 40. And when I came back from stroll through the park, about thirty minutes later, he was still there, a little more than half way through his malt liquor (Colt 45 - it works every time), resting against a slab of concrete, just kind of enjoying the sunny day.

I like to think that everyone who saw this guy - even the cops - sort of figured that it was too nice of a day to hassle him about drinking in public. I mean, if this guy was able to find/ panhandle/ steal a couple of bucks (maybe he found a 10 on the ground), and decided that it would be best spent on some booze and cigarettes, and that he's got nothing better to do on a beautiful day then to sit in a warm spot and get drunk, good for him. I mean, isn't that what the American Dream's all about?

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. And I say good. Everybody needs to get back to work, anyways. What are we, for Christ's sake, San Francisco?

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