Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cinq Pensees Pour le Samedi

This is the post that I intended to write yesterday, but I got distracted and somehow ended up writing instead a weird, rambling entry about Chicago landmarks coming alive at night and murdering innocent people. And I was sober at the time, too.

1) Two Friday the 13ths in a row?!? That's crazy. Must be just another sign of the impending apocalypse.

2) While I was in New York, I was playing with the thought in my mind of moving there, based primarily on the fact that about eighty percent of all of the jobs in the editing or publishing industry are there, with the rest being scattered about between Chicago, San Francisco, and (for some reason) Vietnam. I also know quite a lot of people in the area, including my sister and some second (and possibly third?) cousins. However, this plan kind of evaporated as soon as I realized that my friends with whom I stayed in Queens were paying considerably more per month than R.A. and I are, and are getting about half of the square-footage in return. And maybe I'm being region-centric, but it seemed to me that East Lakeview is far superior to North Bushwick. Or at least has a far higher brunch-restaurant-per-capita ratio. And in terms of commute time to downtown, too. So no relocating to New York for now, at least until I have a comfy six-figure job as the managing editor at a succesful academic journal ready for me.

3) Radiohead and Philosophy: Fitter, Happier, More Deductive has dropped! (Is that weird to say in regards to a book?) OK, well, it's shipped, and should be in bookstores by April 1.

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The newest addition to the PCP series. Don't laugh.

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I am excited about this book. One of the reasons for my excitement is that there is an entire section of the book - comprised of four different essays - entitled Radiohead, Heidegger, and Technology (Our Iron Lungs). I'm starting in a different section, however: Art and Belief (Show Me the World as I'd Love to See It). Right now I'm reading an essay about Julia Kristeva and the "abject" in art, i.e. the object within an aesthetic experience that is concealed from view and in spite of/because of that gives the entire experience its meaning. Yeah. Heavy stuff.

Anyways, I'll keep you updated as I read the book. Let you know if there are any chapters that you might want to skip, etc. (There are always stronger and weaker essays in these collections.) But you should check it out. Join the Facebook group. Buy the book.

4) Is it wrong that I'm starting to feel bad for GOP Chairman Michael Steele? First he gets in trouble for saying the truth about Rush Limbaugh - that he's first and foremost an entertainer - and now he's in hot water again for saying something sensible, that abortion is essentially an "individual choice." Of course, there's only so much sympathy that I have for ol' Token there. However, while I am convinced that the Republicans will make a come-back in two or four years, I also think that they need to purge their party of the crazies and everyone else who panders to the crazies. (Palin, Jindal, McCain '08, etc.) Until they do, this kind of debacle will happen to them over and over again; their "leaders" will be constantly underminded by the "base." This is why Charlie "The Tan" Crist doesn't want to leave Florida. This is why Arlen "Ghostman" Specter might have to run for re-election in 2010 as an independent. This is why Arnold "Why-Is-He-the-Governor-of-California-Again?" Schwarzenegger has been keeping a low-profile.* As soon as anyone goes on a national stage and says something that's not in line with the far-right wing, they get shouted down.

Which makes them wonder why they should say anything at all in the first place.

5) Big news! I got my first anonymous hate-comment on this blog! I must be moving up in the (imaginary) world!

* Also known as, Arnold "Why-Is-The-Terminator-The-Sensible-One-In-The-Republican-Party?" Schwarzenegger.

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