Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Thoughts On A Thursday

1) Every morning when I ride the train into work, I feel the desire to whistle the tune from "The Bridge Over the River Kwai." And then, on the way home, I feel the need to monologue about commodity fetishization and the necessary alienation of labor.

2) Of course, this morning, I was distracted from my whistling by the true crime novel that one gentleman was reading on the Red Line. Looking over his shoulder, I read the following:
Quinn then met the notorious Eastern European drug trafficker, "Joel", who told him that the only difference between the two of them was a respect of the law. "You choose to obey the law," "Joel" told him, "but I have no choice but to disobey it."
I am comforted by the thought that, out there somewhere, is an Eastern European version of myself who is both a drug lord and a very harsh political realist philosopher.

3) Do you know when you encounter something on the Internet that is just so awesome, it pains you to think that some one came up with it before you did? I had one of those moments today, when I found this: 10 Supervillains Who Need New Catchphrases.

Really, I just want to find out how I can become a member of the International Society of Supervillains. It seems custom-made for me.

4) Honestly, I came across this blog post while doing research for Open Court Book's upcoming title, "Supervillains and Philosophy" - which gives me an excellent opportunity for some shameless self-promotion:

In June, Open Court will be releasing Stephen Colbert and Philosophy:

But if you can't wait for your PCP fix until then (um... wait a minute....) you can purchase right now either Transformers and Philosophy:

or Jimmy Buffett and Philosophy:

Oh boy! So many options, so little time!!


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S. said...

Every single one of your posts makes me laugh. (Except the sporty ones, which are really boring. You can keep writing those, but only if you increase production of non-sport-related posts.)