Friday, August 7, 2009

Yet Another Weekend Update

Well, I haven't been doing a very good job of blogging on a regular basis. But, in my defense, quite alot has been going on recently. R.A. and I are moving to Champaign-Urbana in less than two weeks, and my parents are going to come out from Oregon to help us move. R.A. already has a part-time job lined up in addition to her classes that she will be taking, and my brain has been pretty much fraggled with all of the shuttling back and forth between Chicago and Champaign that I have been doing for job interviews. I have one or two prospects down there, so please keep good thoughts/ pray/ make animal sacrifices/ invoke the Law of Attraction on my behalf. I would appreciate it.

In the meantime, well, it has been pretty cold and rainy here in Chicago. I feel kinda bad when I read about the sweltering and oppressive heat that my friends and family have been enduring on the west coast. It's almost as if our summers this year have been switched this year, with Portland being hot and muggy and miserable and Chicago being cool and rainy and damp. (Seriously! I had to wear a friggin' sweatshirt today, and it's August!)

So, in short not too much interesting has been happening in my life. At least, not much blog-worthy. However, the USA Today did release its first college football poll of the season!
And do you know who USA Today's preseason top 5 are? Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, and Alabama. Seriously, Orrin Hatch should be spending his time trying to ban these preseason polls if he really wants Utah in the championship. (They have Notre Dame at 23, for Touchdown Jesus' sake! Have these people even been watching college football for the past ten years?)

Here is a weird and rather disturbing gender-biased article from the Boston Globe about the color of Red Sox fans hats: "Why is the Pink Hat so Hated?" If it were up to me, I would ban those green Irish baseball caps. They have those for both the Cubs and the White Sox now, and even though Chicago does have a long tradition of Irish violence, I still feel like those hats do nothing but encourage general douchebaggery.

And, finally, speaking of violent douchebags, what is up with all of the disruptions of Democrats town hall meetings about universal health care about?

Seriously, what is with these people? Barging into other people's political rallies, shouting down speakers and elected officials, threatening violence and rioting. It's like we have our very own brand of the SA! Only these are all old people. But, you know, they're old people with Second Amendment rights.

Pledge to attend a health care meeting here.

On a slightly brighter note:

I'm thinking of changing John Bolton's Wikipedia page to just a link of the footage of Hillary Clinton laughing derisively.

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