Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend Update

I haven't had much time to blog in the past week. R.A. and I visited her family in New Hampshire last weekend, and then we went down to Champaign on Tuesday for job interviews. We're moving in two weeks - it's coming up really soon! We keep telling the cat that we're going to put her in a box and drive her to a new home, but she doesn't listen.

In the meantime:

Why Your Stadium Sucks: U.S. Cellular Field

At the Cell our drunks aren't content to sit and look pretty while texting on their Blackberries and talking on the phone like the drunks at Wrigley. No, our fans rush out and beat the crap out of a Kansas City Royals first Linkbase coach. Our fans attack a first base umpire. At least once a month it seems like some asshat is delaying a game by running out on the field. If the Steve Bartman incident had happened at the Cell, he would have been torn to pieces and his head put on a pike over the front gate. In general, the fans are a reflection of Ozzie Guillen - foul mouthed, abrasive and a bit nasty at times but uniquely Chicago.
Iran Arrests 3 Americans Hiking in Kurdish Area

The three Americans hiked in an area along the Iranian border near the Kurdish villages of Biyara and Tawila, and they spent Thursday night camped out at the border, the Kurdish official said.

On Friday morning, the official said, they “trekked into Iranian territory, knowingly or unknowingly, and found themselves detained by the Iranians.”

Kurdish security forces found tents, blankets, food, notebooks and a bottle of whiskey among the belongings the group left behind at the campsite.

The porous and mountainous border area between Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran, which is a popular resort and hiking area, is also used by smugglers and Iranian Kurdish guerrilla fighters opposed to Iran’s government.
Who does that? Who would possibly think that this was a good idea? Who would be all, "I know, instead of going to Cancun this year, let's vacation in the mountainous and lawless region between Iraq and Iran, used by smugglers and guerrilla fighters. Oh, and let's be sure to bring plenty of whiskey with us, too. That won't reflect poorly on Americans at all. Nor will it raise suspicions of American agents working to overthrow the government of Iran at all. Nope, not at all."


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