Friday, September 11, 2009

Threats to Public Health

Blerg. Today's Friday, and I have opted to stay home from school. I'm stuffed up, have a headache, am fatigued, and have a low-grade fever. At my past jobs, I probably would have gone into work regardless. However, working at a public middle school is a little bit different. All over the building, there are friendly "reminders" about the importance of personal hygiene, and how, if you (the students) feel even a little bit sick, it's best not to risk starting a pandemic and to stay home. On top of that, there have been additional take-home "reminders" distributed to the student body regarding Swine Flu. Again, this being a public middle school, the administration has been flooded with calls and notes and open house visits from concerned parents about the chances that their kids could - thanks to the brilliance of public education - become infected with the next incarnation of the Black Death. And what can the school do other than repeat ad nauseum* that they're doing everything they can to maintain a safe and healthy environment, that the flu isn't actually that dangerous, that if you feel sick don't come to school, and that, even though they're not really necessary in most cases, flu vaccinations are available here, here, and here.

So I figured that, given these circumstances, it'd probable be best for me not to go to work today.

*That would've been an awesome pun, except that I don't actually feel nauseous. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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Jim V. said...

Good call.