Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ovid's Prince Charming Wolfman

"The Wolfman should probably be required viewing for anyone who thinks werewolves would make a good boyfriend or a basketball teammate ..."
Anthony Hopkins:
"I think women particularly — but both genders — are fascinated by the Beauty and the Beast mythology. It goes back to Ovid's Metamorphosis, it goes back to classic mythology. In another way, it's like Sleeping Beauty. The woman who's been put into a spell of enchantment by the wicked witch and she has to wait there for generations for the Prince Charming to come. And those mythologies are so powerful in our subconscious mind that I think that's why people respond to Beauty and the Beast. The Beast, in its darkness, is attractive. It's threatening, it's sexy. It's the dark stranger that's in all of us. The bogeyman. Once you make friends with it, it's very attractive. It's the beast that needs to be saved and brought out. In psychological terms, if it's denied and repressed, then it comes out in other forms: massive warfare, psychotic dictatorships, or people like Nazi Germany. So it has to be acknowledged."
So, as Sir Hopkins says, we wouldn't need to worry about people like Nazi Germany if they would only make friends with the sexy bogeyman.

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