Saturday, April 17, 2010

LMM: Round 2, Part 4: Melville! Kafka! Orwell! Faulkner!

This is the last part of Round 2 before we move on to the Sweet Sixteen. We have two matches featuring All-American competitors: Herma Melville coming in from Nantucket, MA, Zora Neale Hurston representing Jacksonville, FL, Sherman Alexie of Spokane, WA, and William Faulkner "from" Yoknapatawpha County, MS. Perhaps more apt than describing America as a melting pot would be a mosaic - which part of the puzzle is your favorite? (As a sidenote, I think it could be an awesome syllabus for some kind of Lit Class to have, say, Moby Dick, The Sound and the Fury, Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and to call the class, like, "Conflicting Images of America," or something.)

Across the pond, we have Stendahl (The Charterhouse of Parma) versus George Orwell (Animal Farm) and the Faustian Goethe versus the, um, Kafkaesque Kafka. (Which is a paper I wrote for German Lit once.)

Finally, the first results from Round 2 are in, with Jane Austen walloping Emily Bronte 8-2, Willa Cather defeating Mikhail Bulgakov 6-3, Nathaniel Hawthorne beating Katherine Mansfield 7-2, and Charlotte Bronte outlasting Terry Pratchett 5-3. This means that our Round 3 matches will be #1 Austen vs. #5 Cather and #2 Hawthorne vs. #3 Bronte. Now's your chance to read up!

Keep voting!

Melville v. Hurston

Goethe v. Kafka

Alexie v. Faulkner

Stendahl v. Orwell

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