Friday, November 14, 2008

Intermission: About That New Puppy

So the internets have been all abuzz about the Obama's new puppy and ohmygod what kind of puppy should the Obama's new puppy be and I want a new puppy please daddy daddy can I have a new puppy nooooowwww?!?!?!?

Well, I just wanted to remind that part of the world that is living in the world of rainbows and cotton candy that President Obama will be the commander-in-chief. That means that he will need to be able to command and chief. And in front of whom will he need to be doing all of this chiefing? In front of Vladimir "The Putin" Putin, that's who.

And do you know what The Big P keeps as a pet?

That's right. A tiger. A Siberian, Russian, Dostoyevsky-reading, Nazi-devouring tiger. So no chocolate lab or Peruvian hairless is going to lead to the next Perestroika.

Therefore, I am hereby opening the floor to new, more badass suggestions for Presidential Pet/ Mascot. R.A. and I hashed over a couple of possibilities. Cheetah? Well, it's got the whole Kenyan angle going for it, but it's really just the poor man's tiger, now, isn't it. Bear? No, no, far too Russian. Chinese Snapping Turtle? Now that doesn't even make any sense.

As of now, our best suggestion has been bald eagle. It's big, it's lethal, and it's patriotic. Also, we think that Obama has kind of that avian "lean and mean" look about him. But I'm not sure; he may be more of a Peregrine Falcon kind of guy.

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Rick said...

I think he is definitely more of a peregrine falcon kind of guy. Besides, Stephen Colbert already had the bald eagle angle.