Thursday, July 22, 2010

L'enfer, ces chats

Things that are now or recently have been broken in our household:

1) The lamp in the living room.
2) Our coffee maker. (There is another one in the house.)
3) The AC. I am hot and I am sticky.
4) The shower. This one is fixed now, but there was no showering for several days. We were all very hot and sticky. And smelly.
5) My laptop computer. Covered in gin.
6) The screen to the front door. This is fixed now, but before it was fixed, there were bugs. Bugs everywhere.



r wright said...

these are very disconcerning items to be broken!! You need to fix the lamp. It is useful to have light at night. Coffee maker...well at least you have another that is working. A/ need that to stay cool. Shower...self-explanatory. Screen door...yeah, keep the bugs out! I am most concerned about the gin-soaked computer...this is not a good sign!!

Robyn B. said...

This ties in nicely with my traditional over-idealizing of our new apartment. In the new place, nothing will ever be hot or sticky! we will decorate, organize, and clean like grown-ups! Gin will only soak cocktail olives and limes!

j.c. said...

maybe your laptop got too excited for the mad men season premiere? cocktails go with the territory.

please do not melt before i return.

love, jenny c in dc