Monday, July 12, 2010

Well, Thank God That's Finally Over

Congratulations, Spain. It turns out that, as usual, flopping and cry-baby soccer will always defeat thuggery and blatant kicks to the abdomen. Enjoy it - you deserved it.

I watched the World Cup Final at our house along with B- (who's French) his girlfriend (Polish) and their friend from Austria. I kept switching back and forth between the soccer game and White Sox - Royals. Bwahahahaha! (The final of that game: Chicago: 15 Kansas City: 5. That's 20x the scoring of Spain-Netherlands, by the way. Who's national pastime is boring now?)*

I guess that really, my main complaint against soccer is that I feel like the referee has way too much control over the game. The game is just set up in such a way that a player has as good of a chance of scoring the winning goal by flopping in the penalty area in the hopes of tricking the referee into giving him a PK as he does by actually attempting a shot on goal. Likewise, a defender might best be able to help his team by trash talking enough to make the guy he's defending lose his cool and head-butt him and get set off than by any actual defending he may or may not do over the course of the game.**

The only real winner of the final game was Paul the Octopus. 6 for 6. Do you think they'll put him out to stud, now?

Post-Script: Miami? Miami?????

*Look who's on top of the AL Central now, bitches!

** Also, when I'm criticizing, it's a soccer game. It's only a football match when something cool is happening. Spain v. Netherlands was the epitome of a soccer game.

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