Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For OR The Blazers Are Rolling

You know you spend too much time on the internet when your life revolves around how long you should wait before posting your first guest post on someone else's blog.

Conventionally, when one convinces a female to give you her number (usually through a case of mistaken identity) you wait three days before calling said girl back. Does that same rule apply to internet diaries? If you get invited to guest post, are you supposed to wait three days? Is it more appropriate to wait longer because you're terrified of causing the whole thing to jump the shark? At what point do your friends who own said blog think you've fallen off the face of the earth, or worse, mistakenly think you aren't interested in blogging?

What if the only personal reflection writing you've ever done was about which of the terrible bands you listened to in middle school had the most meaningful lyrics?

After sweating profusely for about 2 weeks, I've finally decided to make my maiden post on our friend Joel's blog. I hemmed and hawwed for a while about what this post should be about but in order to explain that I need to backtrack. Despite my enjoyment of stories about the haughtiness of cats or Manifest Destiny, my favorite Logios posts are sports related. Joel's ability to divine the BCS system is mind boggling; apparently NASA has a whole team devoted to it and they still don't understand why Oregon is ranked below USC.

So since probably last spring or fall, I have been bothering Joel to do a Blazers post. "Com'on man, they're really good." That was kind of the extent of my argument- I suppose can now see why it wasn't very persuasive. I can only guess that he got fed up with my nagging because now my boss (Joel) has demanded I put out good copy on the Blazers ASAP. So here goes:

I like the Portland Trail Blazers and they are good this year. My role here will be the occasional update on the team's progress, good games, bad games, and jokes about how old Greg Oden is. Possibly some economics too though given my bosses' (Robyn and Joel) advanced degrees, I don't plan on straying into policy or academics with any frequency. I also listen to a lot of really bad music (still) and so will probably write about that sometimes.


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r wright said...

Welcome to the blog world!! I expect to be kept up to date on the Blazers. They are looking good so far.