Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Update

It's a cold and clear Saturday morning here in Urbana. I'm watching giant, cornfed midwesterners bash into each other in the Minnesota vs. Iowa game, while the radio is playing "Commodity Saturday," the all important weekly corn and soy crop report. It all feels very American. Fortunately Robyn is making some eggs benedict. Delicious, treacherous eggs benedict.

Remember what I was saying about how awesome Pac-10 football? Well, Sports Illustrated agrees with me. So there.

The senate is supposed to finally vote on the health bill today. But, wait - what do you mean that the effects of the Health-Reform Bill won't take effect until after 2013? That is, not until after 2012, when Obama has already either been re-elected or not, and after I get the chance to either show my approval or disapproval of the Healthcare in the 2012 election, and, most importantly, the bill won't take effect until the apocalyptic cataclysms of 2012? That sucks.

Yesterday was Library Friday in for our 8th grade reading and writing class, which the students really like and is a nice, relaxing way to end the work week. I have been spending most of this time reading The Diary of Anne Frank with one of our students. Yesterday, while we were reading, he suddenly turned to me and asked, "What did you major in in college?" "Philosophy." I said. "Oh." he said, and turned for a minute back to his book. After a pause, he looked at me again and asked: "What's philosophy?"



Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be able to expect MORE posts now that there are three of you?? Please?

Jim V. said...

I have often wondered that myself. What is philosophy?