Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meet Your New Bosses Friends

So as some of you may have noticed, there's at least one new name there listed under "contributors" on the right hand side bar. You see, about a month ago, R.A. and I took a trip to Oregon to announce our engagement to our folks, and while we were there we had a nice, drunken conversation with our good friend Kirby. We decided that night that Logios Dolios Eriounios - or L.E.D. - could use a little bit of an update. I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping my promise of blogging at least twice a week on a regular basis, and both Kirby and R.A. - although I'm not sure that they realized it - volunteered to join the team and add their own special insights to the blog.

R.A., as many of you know, is living with me here in Urbana while she works towards her Master's degree in Library Science. She is rapidly becoming an expert in very technical sounding areas like "information technology" and "data curation." She has also sworn to "use my library powers only for good," after having read that Swanson was using tw0-node searching to "identify a number of novel candidate viruses that were particularly amenable for future bioterror development". So maybe, if we're lucky, she will tell us more about that.

Our other new contributor, Kirby, has told me that he is already percolating some great ideas for blog posts, mostly about the Portland Trail Blazers. Kirby presently lives in Denver, CO, and studied economics in college. Once, he blew my mind when he told me that being a Marxist economist is a little like being a Christian atheist. Hopefully he'll talk more about that, but I'm also counting on him to discuss with us lacrosse, grilling, Steve McQueen, and Horatio Hornblower.

So there you have it. Kirby and R.A. can tell you more about themselves later, but now they are officially on the gun and under the ball as bloggers. I'm sure that everyone will thoroughly enjoy their wit and whimsy, or, at the very least, getting to read about something other than Wittgenstein and the White Sox for a change.


S. said...

I hope Wittgenstein has a better season next year for the Sox.

Joel said...

Yeam, me too. That, and that Alexei Ramirez does better in his Ethical Theory class.