Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angry, Lazy Blogging

Yay! March! (... grumble... lousy Smarch weather....)

I wish the stupid NCAA basketball tournament would hurry up and start. I am so sick and tired of college hoops being on ESPN and ESPN2 and ESPN Ocho every single freakin' night. It seems to me to be just meaningless game after meaningless game after meaningless game...

... but at least it's better than the NFL draft combine. Seriously, are we going to start paying money to watch athletes pretend to play sports??

Speaking of things that make me angry: Are There Secular Reasons? by Stanley Fish. Professor Fish is doing his best to continue the lie that only people who believe in God can ever be ethical or moral.

Boy, I seem to be cranky this morning. I'm apparently OK in my sleep, though; Robyn said that a few nights ago I seemed to not only be talking in my sleep, but teaching, and saying things like, "Yes, that's right," "OK, do the rest now," and "You're doing a good job," in a calm, steady voice one octave higher than my normal speaking voice.

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