Friday, March 5, 2010

Evil Alternate-Universe Paul Krugman Shaves

Paul Krugman has a column in the New York Times' today entitled "Senator Bunning's Universe." In this article, Krugman makes the claim that, " Today, Democrats and Republicans live in different universes, both intellectually and morally." Krugman's rage at the practices and the policies of the Republican Party over the last couple of years has been well documented, most recently in a profile of him by the New Yorker. In this article, he brings his righteous wrath to a new high, nearly frothing at his beardy mouth with the sheer audacity of some of the more recent actions by Republicans in the House and Senate, including the following anecdote:

During the debate over unemployment benefits, Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat of Oregon, made a plea for action on behalf of those in need. In response, Mr. Bunning blurted out an expletive. That was undignified — but not that different, in substance, from the position of leading Republicans.
Krugman puts his point most succinctly when he asks, "How can the parties agree on policy when they have utterly different visions of how the economy works, when one party feels for the unemployed, while the other weeps over affluent victims of the “death tax”?"

What I want to know, though, is what exactly this universe that Republicans inhabit is like. I suspect that it might be a quite lovely place. We all know that it's already one where the wealthy need to be protected from the exploitations of the working class. But it's also a place where the most powerful political lobby is the teacher's union, where the feminist movement has created a huge, multi-billion dollar "feminism industry," and where Muslims are accepted in American political discourse, and are even granted some small share of political power.

Sounds like it might even be a nice place to live.


The article "The New Dating Game" in The Weekly Standard deserves some further analysis. However, to get a feel for the sheer offensive absurdity of the piece (written by Charlotte Allen), I leave you only with the following quote:

Thanks to late marriage, easy divorce, and the well-paying jobs that the feminist revolution has wrought for women, the bars, clubs, sidewalks, and subway straps of nearly every urban center in America overflow every weekend with females, young and not so young, bronzed, blonded, teeth-whitened, and dressed in the maximal cleavage and minimal skirt lengths that used to be associated with streetwalkers but nowadays is standard garb for lawyers and portfolio managers on a girls’ night out.
Damn that feminist movement and those well-paying jobs for women that it wrought!!!


Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Wall Street Journal called Jim Bunning's holdout his finest hour based on principal.
You know you miss having me around as a counterpoint. :)

Joel said...

I definitely do, Annie. :)