Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I Have Been Reading Lately

From around the web:

Do You Miss Him Yet? - I don't know why or how, but Stanley Fish continues to write columns for the New York Times that just get under my skin and crawl around in there like those scarab beetles from The Mummy movies. This week, he's writing about the growing sense of nostalgia in America for George W. Bush. Of course, Fish's "evidence" for this "movement" is the construction of a bizarre billboard in Minnesota and the latest cover of Newsweek magazine. (No polls, or anything.) The most audacious part is that Fish's entire essay seems to be the product of his resentment of negative comments posted following his prediction that Bush's image would soon be resuscitated in the minds of the American people. But if Fish wants people to stop writing nasty things about him, he should stop saying stupid and inane things in public.

Speaking of people I don't like: Allen Iverson. You all know how I loathe him, loathe him for being a horrible basketball player and for duping more than one team into thinking that he could actually make them good. So I was happy when he got shipped out of Detroit, and then put on the bench in Philadelphia, until he was finally forced into what essentially counted as retirement. But even I feel a little bit icky about what has happened to Iverson since then: rumors surrounding his drinking and gambling problems, his wife filing for divorce, and his 4-year old daughter falling seriously ill. Not even the most selfish player in the history of the NBA deserves those kinds of troubles.

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