Monday, March 29, 2010

Literary Madness Round 1 - Part 4

I apologize for any sense of repetition that this blog may be developing, but I'm trying to keep the Literary March Madness matches coming down the tubes as quickly as possible so that we might be able to move on to Rounds 2 and 3 in a timely fashion. Cab suggested that we provide a little more background info for some of our authors, such as links to their works or Wikipedia page or something. I'm not quite sure where to fit this in yet, but I'll try to be a little more helpful in the future.

As for our last batch of matches, well, they're all turning into routes, with Tolstoy, Terry Pratchett, and Harper Lee all leading by wide margins. In other news, Emily Bronte still leads Jhumpa Lahiri by a single vote with only more day of open polls left. The tension! Now, here are some more match-ups from our Second Region to vote on:

Flaubert v. Ellison

Mann v. Lhu Hsun

Balzac v. O'Connor

Nabokov v. Wodehouse

Dostoyevsky v. Diaz

Borges v. Satrapi

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