Saturday, March 27, 2010

Literary March Madness, Round 1 - Part 3

Thanks to everyone who has been voting in our Literary March Madness! Today we move into the second of our four "regions," but there is still time to vote on some of our earlier matches. It's looking like Jane Austen will win in a cakewalk over Derek Walcott, the Caribbean author of Omeros. A little more surprising to me is Bulgakov's sizable lead over Iris Murdoch. There are several Russian authors in the tournament; is this a sign of things to come? There are a couple of nail-biters going on, too, that could be settled by just one vote: #7 Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange) vs. #10 Katherine Mansfield (The Garden Party and other short stories, and an associate of the Bloomsbury Group)and #8 Emily Bronte vs. #9 Jhumpa Lahiri. So keep voting, and if you've already voted, try leaving a comment persuading others to vote your way.

So here's your next round of matches:

Plath v. Pratchett

Tolstoy v. Ha Jin

Calvino v. Lee

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